Schedule of Fees

Schedule of FeesEffective 06/13/16
Account History Printed $0.75/page
Address (Incorrect per 12 month period) $5.00
ATM/Visa Debit Card Replacement $10.00
ATM Empty Envelope $50.00
Balance Below Minimum (Per month)
(Primary Share accounts with balances below $25. Waived for youth accounts)
Bill Pay (Dormant)
(Per Month, after 2 months of no activity)
Cashier's Checks
(Fee waived with a Valley First Visa)
Check Cashing Fee
(Fee waived with a Checking, Visa, Loan or if you maintain a $500.00 minimum Savings balance)
Checking, Choice (Per month)
(Monthly fee reductions: $1.00 for eStatements, $1.00 for a posted and settled
direct deposit or automatic payment (ACH), and $0.20 per each posted and settled debit card purchase)
Checking, Basic Business (Per month, no waiver) $6.00
Checking, Premium Business (Per month, no waiver) $9.00
Check Orders Fees Vary
Club Account Early Withdrawal (Per Withdrawal) $5.00
Coin Processing, Loose/Rolled - Member
(Excluding Youth Accounts)
Coin Processing, Loose/Rolled - Non-Member 6%
Deposited/Collection Items Returned $25.00
Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction Free
Dormant Account
(Per month, no transaction in 12 months)
Early Account Closure Fee
(Within 6 months of opening)
Escheated Notification Fee $2.00
Foreign Bank Deposit Fee
(Foreign bank, US currency)
Foreign Item Deposit Fee
(Foreign bank, foreign currency)
Foreign Item Return Deposit Fee $25.00
HSA Accounts: Monthly Fee (Fee waived with eStatements) $3.00
HSA Accounts: One-time set up Fee $10.00
HSA Accounts: Withdrawal Transaction Fee
(In Branch/Call Center)
IRA Annual Fee Free
(Letter to take vehicle out of the country or special request)
Membership Fee (One-time, non-refundable) $1.00
Money Market Withdrawals: First 6 Withdrawals Free
Money Market Withdrawals: 7 or more per month withdrawals, transaction limits apply per Reg D $10.00 each
Money Orders ($1,000 maximum) $2.00
Non-Member ATM Surcharge $2.00
Notary Service (Per signature) $10.00
NSF Fee (ACH, ATM, Checks) $25.00
Online/Mobile Banking Free
Overdraft Protection/Privilege $25.00
Overdraft Transfer from Savings: First 6 Withdrawals Free
Overdraft Transfer from Savings: 7 or more per month, transaction limits apply per Reg D $10.00 each
Photocopy of Paid Check
(2 FREE per statement or unlimited within Online Banking)
Priority Card Delivery $40.00
Priority PIN Delivery $40.00
Research/Account Balancing (1 hour minimum) $20.00/hr.
Response to Legal Order
(Subpoenas, levies, garnishments)
Return/Redeposit of an Item $5.00
Self-to-Self NSF Item
(In addition to Deposited/Collection Items Returned Fee)
Statement Copies
(or FREE copies online with eStatements)
Stop Payments (ACH/Check) $15.00
Stop Payments (Audio/Online Checks Only) $5.00
Valleyline Account Access Free
Verification of Deposit Free
Wire Transfers (Domestic/International) $20.00 / $35.00
Wire Transfers Incoming $5.00

ATM Schedule of FeesEffective 06/13/16
Your relationship with
Valley First Credit Union
Valley First ATMs All Other CO-OP ATMs Non CO-OP ATMs
Debit Card      
Valley First Credit Union FREE1 FREE1 FREE1
ATM Card      
Combined checking
and/or savings balance of
more than $5,000.00
Checking Account and/or
combined savings balance
of $2,500.00
FREE1 FREE1 $2.00
Savings Account only with
less than $2,500.00
FREE1 $2.00 $2.00
1FREE = Valley First does not charge a transaction fee, however there may be a surcharge/network fee from the other institution's machine.