Text Banking is now easier than ever!

The Commands and access number for Valley First Text Banking will change as of August 29, 2014 as part of a system upgrade. If you are currently enrolled, you will need to re-enroll your phone.

Changes to Text Banking Commands and Access Number
You no longer need to include "VFCU" before any text banking command. For example, to get the balances of all your current shares in your account, you would text B or b to the new access number, 86020.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us during normal business hours.

   Valley First Mobile Banking

Text Banking

Receive up-to-date account information with a simple text!* Quickly and securely check account and share balances, recent account and share history, and transfer within your account on the go.

Text Banking Features
  • Check account and share balances
  • Search account and share history
  • Transfer between shares and loans
  • Easy to remember text commands and more!

What is Text Banking?
Text Banking allows you quick and secure access to your account - all through simple text commands. Check account and share balances, recent account and share history, and transfer within your account on the go.

What you need to use Text Banking
  • Established membership
  • A mobile phone that can send and receive text messages. You will also need a mobile phone that supports web browsing* as you will enroll in Text Banking through Mobile Web
  • Access to Valley First Home Banking (username and password)
If you are not signed up for Home Banking or not yet a member, please visit any Valley First Branch or call Member Service at (209) 549-8500 or Toll Free at (877) 549-4567 during normal business hours.

Enrolling in Text Banking

Using Text Banking
Using Text Banking is quick, easy, and secure. Manage your account on the go with a few simple commands.

Text Banking Commands (Updated as of 8/27/14)
B View all account balances
H View the last five (5) most recent transactions for all shares
H + share # View the last five (5) most recent transactions for a specific share
(e.g. H S80 for checking #80 or H L55 for loan #55)
X + source
   + destination
   + transfer amount
Transfer between shares and loans within your account
(e.g. X S80 L55 150.00 - This will transfer $150.00 from your
Checking-80 to your Loan-55, in this case for payment.)
View a list of Text Banking Commands
Unsubscribe from Text Banking
Text your commands to 86020.
Commands are not case sensitive. For e.g. to view balances 'B' will work the same as 'b'.

Security is our Priority
Valley First Mobile Banking uses Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for user verification and is fully encrypted end-to-end using SSL - ensuring data transfers between your phone and our system is secure. For convenience and security, you will use the same username and password for Mobile Banking that you use for Home Banking.

Check the List of Supported Phones

*Usage charges for text and data may apply. Please check with your carrier for current rates. Valley First Mobile Banking is free to all members of Valley First Credit Union. You must be enrolled in Valley First Home Banking to use Valley First Mobile Banking.